Saturday, January 8, 2011

fabulous food finds: perricone's

I’m a total foodie, without a doubt. I’m always on the hunt for a good meal, whether its from a restaurant or trying a new recipe at home. I’m pretty picky so I will admit, my experiences aren't always flawless but when something satisfies me, I can't help but rave about it.
These days, everyone from friends to coworkers have asked me "where should I go to eat and what should I have?” to which I always enthusiastically respond with one of my favorite restaurants and a detailed description of what I had and how amazing it was. I’ve garnered quite the reputation over the years and that was one of my major reasons for starting this blog. I want to share those experiences with everyone, and hopefully inspire people to try something new.
Truth be told, I'm not trying to be a food critic. I’m pretty terrible at being negative. If someone asks me about a bad restaurant, I’ll be honest and say I didn’t enjoy it but quickly change the subject to a similar restaurant that I loved and suggest that for next time instead.
This particular entry is about one of my all time favorite restaurants here in Miami, Perricone's in Mary Brickell Village. I've been going to this Italian gem for years with my family and it’s become one of my go-to places for date night.
It isn't the cheapest place, I’ll admit, but it’s reasonably priced and the food is definitely worth it. I recently discovered though, that every Thursday all of the pasta dishes on their menu are only $10! All day, all night, just $10!
Reservations are a definite must, especially around 8 o'clock because half of Miami is trying to get in on this incredible deal. Despite a line that was practically out the door, we were seated immediately (a testament to how amazing their service is as well).
When you step in, Perricone’s is a far cry from your typical restaurant. You actually walk into a boutique market full of wonderful Italian goodies instead of into a formal dining area. When you’re seated, they walk you through the indoor dining room, but I absolutely prefer to sit on the back patio if any tables are available. The ambiance is another one of the reasons I keep coming back to Perricone’s. It's dimly lit and the patio is surrounded by white Christmas lights all year round. They usually have a live guitar player and tonight was no exception.
{the beautiful dessert display.. yum, yum and YUM}
 {one of my favorite parts of the market... the giant round of parmesan cheese}
 {the candle lit table}
{the first of 2 patios... the wonderful white lights i mentioned really make this place unique}
Now onto the actual meal which, like any normal Italian restaurant, starts with the bread. They have the most delicious tomato bruschetta topping that they bring out, one that I am still trying and failing to duplicate at home. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. I have to try to control myself from ruining my appetite over the stuff.
{one of thses days, i'll figure out how to make this but for now i'll just enjoy it at Perricone's}
 While their appetizers at Perricone’s are amazing (the baked brie and fried calamari are among my favorites) we skipped them tonight and went straight for the pastas. I had the Homemade Gnocchi with pink sauce (one of my favorites) and Quino had the Fettuccine with Sliced Filet Mignon and, as usual, we enjoyed every last bite.
{you can barely see the gnocchi through the parmesan cheese but that's just how I like it}
{as for what Quino had, you can really taste the red wine in the sauce which was so rich and delicious}
You really can’t beat homemade gnocchi, I’ve tried the packaged stuff and it doesn’t even compare. Covered with the freshly fallen snow of parmesan cheese, their gnocchi is light and creamy but surprisingly filling. I rarely finish the whole plate but am more than happy to bring the leftovers home for a late night snack.
The dessert is another one of the reasons I rave about Perricone’s. I haven’t touched a dessert menu in years because I always know that I’m going straight for the House Cake. This little triangle of chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse is beyond decadent and delicious. The cake part is always super moist and the mousse is creamy, dark chocolate heaven. I’ve definitely never had to put this in a doggy bag, I practically lick the plate clean with this one.
{you can't really see the chocolate mousse center here but that just means the dark chocolate is THAT good}
So if you’re looking an Italian restaurant with great ambiance and a flawless meal that’s perfect for any occasion, you really can’t beat Perricone’s! I’ve actually been dying to check out their famous Sunday brunch but haven’t had a chance to yet. If I do though, you’ll definitely be the first to hear about it.



  2. I absolutely agree with your review. My co-workers and I frequent Perricones on Thursday and today is no exception.

    I'll be having he Mussels appetizer for my meal with no dessert :)

    I'm sure my co-workers will enjoy the chocolate gelato which is to die for.