Wednesday, December 7, 2011

stylish shoe storage

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I have a shoe problem. Then again, I don’t really think it’s a problem… I just love shoes, it’s as simple as that. Unfortunately for me though, my closet is teeny-tiny and I’m running out of places to put them.
I’ve been keeping most of my shoes in their boxes to avoid any damage but at this point, I’ve practically got shoe boxes coming out of my pores. As you can see, this system of mine just isn’t working anymore.
{up high, down low and even stuffed into a corner}
Well, after seeing this on Pinterest a few months ago, I knew I wanted to get something like it. The right piece to fit my room has been pretty hard to come by though. Lucky for me, I spotted this fabulous piece on the side of the road while I was biking with my mom over the weekend. Totally meant to be if you ask me, not to mention a much deserved reward after an absurdly long 16 mile bike ride.
It suits my room (and my shoes) perfectly! I hoping to add another shelf for inevitable future shoe purchases soon. Until then, its still fabulous to stare at!

Monday, November 28, 2011

food truck rendezvous

Ever since I tried a Cool Haus ice cream sandwich in New York over the summer, I’d been daydreaming about their fabulous sammies. Needless to say, the instant I found out they had opened a food truck here in Miami, I made plans to go.
Quino and I had an interesting little adventure trying to find this place a few weeks ago. They had parked their truck behind a hip art gallery in the Design District so we couldn't even see it. We only realized where it was after we saw people lined up around the block to get into this little side door. Hipster much?
{graffiti artist painting a wall behind the gallery}
Once we got inside, we devoured a delish grilled cheese from Ms. Cheezious (one of my other favorite food trucks) before grabbing a much-anticipated chocolate cookie and salted caramel ice cream sandwich from Cool Haus. It definitely didn't disappoint.
 {scrumptious ham and cheese with a side of fries}
{cool haus - pick your cookie and then your ice cream. i want to try them all!}
Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera on me but thanks to my new iPhone and the instagram app, the few pictures I took still look cool.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

hey you!

Yeah, you there reading my blog! 
I've had quite a few of you come up to me, whether you're a friend of mine or just an acquaintance, and tell me how much you like my blog. Well I want to say THANKS a million for the support! You have no idea how much I appreciate it. It means a lot knowing you're out there reading my posts.
That  being said, it would be absolutely lovely if you would follow my blog! I promise it doesn't hurt and it will just take a minute. And like all of my favorite things in life, you have options!
You can follow with your blogger, twitter or email account on the right (under where it says follow me or click "join this site").
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In return, I promise to keep the posts coming to keep you entertained while you're avoiding school work, or just regular work. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

let the games begin

Ok, I'll be honest. I don't read very much. It isn't for a lack of trying, but I always read before bed. And since I'm such a fan of sleeping, it takes me forever to get through a book when I'm only reading about a chapter a night.
The Hunger Games was a total exception to this norm. I blew through this fantastic book in 4 days over the summer. It really surprised me considering the concept is a bit out there, but my god was it amazing!
They finally released the trailer for the movie and so far, it definitely looks like its going to the book justice. I can't wait to see it! Too bad it doesn't come out until late March.

Are you ready for the games? Check out the trailer and see for yourself.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

fall frolics

This last month has been great but I've been so swamped that I haven't had time to post anything. Of course I've been taking pictures of everything though so here's some of the stuff I've been up to lately. From pumpkin carving for the first time in a decade to tailgating and stocking up on lipsticks, I've definitely been keeping busy. 
Cavalli/Blumarine Fashion Show at the Setai with B:
My Birthday Surprise for Quino: 
An afternoon spent jet-skiing in the Keys
Pumpkin Carving:
Much more labor intensive than I recall it being when I was a kid... clearly I must have made my mom do the hard parts for me.I made the cat pumpkin (the easy way out, let's be honest) while Brandy tackled what turned out to be an amazing Minnie Mouse
Multiple Costumes: 
Black Swan for a night out with the girls. 
Kourtney Kardash & Scott Disick for the grove with Quino
New Treats for Myself:
A few too many M.A.C lipsticks (I got Mocha, Snob and Plumful)
I also finally caved and bought my first iPhone (complete with a DVF cover, of course)

Monday, October 10, 2011

sobe snapshots

This past weekend, I finally signed up for the photography class Quino bought me for my birthday. Though I’ve learned a lot over the past few years with my Nikon D3000, I’m always excited to discover more of the amazing things I can do with it. There’s so much to it that I really feel like I’ll never stop learning and this class was no exception.
I met the group on South Beach and spent the afternoon snapping shots of anything and everything. Some of my favorite shots of the day came from trying to look at things from a new perspective or paying attention to bright colors.
The class also instantly paid for itself, at least in my opinion, when the instructor told me that there’s a setting on my camera that allows me to change the intensity of the flash! If any of you knew that, shame on you for not telling me! I’ve always hated how harsh the flash is and avoided using it as much as possible. The lighting was pretty perfect all day so I didn’t get a lot of chances to test this out but rest assured knowing I’m more than excited to start playing around with this newly discovered feature.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

common thread

For the most part, I’m a total loyalist when it comes to where I shop and the brands I buy. Sure, I make the occasional impulse purchase on something cheap and trendy but I usually stick to my favorites for a reason. On the top of my list of must-visit stores for great pieces is The Dressing Room, an adorable little boutique in South Miami. 
I’ve been going there since I first spotted a dress in the window a few years back. I still remember seeing it and thinking it was going to cost me an entire paycheck (I swear, I thought the dress was Miu Miu). Needless to say, it was mine the minute I realized it was actually reasonably priced.
Since then, I don’t think I’ve ever actually left this store empty handed and I have a closet filled with their pieces to prove it. From chic cocktail dresses to trendy crop tops, they have something for every occasion. I also love that the unique pieces make it virtually impossible to see someone else wearing what you bought. Like many of the other things I’ve gotten there, I threw this top on and knew right away it was coming home with me. 
{Top: The Dressing Room; Jeans: F21; Bag: BCBG MaxAzria; Cuff: New York and Co; 
Pumps: Kelsi Dagger}

Thursday, September 22, 2011

golden era

Dubbed "The Golden Era" in honor of our new head coach, Al Golden, this Canes' football season promises to be one of the best.
On the heels of our first win of the season, we're more than prepared to tailgate like champs and lose our voices rooting for our Canes, win or lose. This season is particularly special because for most of our group, it will be our last as students. Though I'm sure that won't stop us from coming to games, I know it won’t ever be the same.
Never the less, I'm excited for an amazing season! Here are a few pictures from some of the wonderful experiences the last 3 seasons have given me. I can’t wait to make even more memories and take more pictures than I can count.

Go Canes!