Monday, October 10, 2011

sobe snapshots

This past weekend, I finally signed up for the photography class Quino bought me for my birthday. Though I’ve learned a lot over the past few years with my Nikon D3000, I’m always excited to discover more of the amazing things I can do with it. There’s so much to it that I really feel like I’ll never stop learning and this class was no exception.
I met the group on South Beach and spent the afternoon snapping shots of anything and everything. Some of my favorite shots of the day came from trying to look at things from a new perspective or paying attention to bright colors.
The class also instantly paid for itself, at least in my opinion, when the instructor told me that there’s a setting on my camera that allows me to change the intensity of the flash! If any of you knew that, shame on you for not telling me! I’ve always hated how harsh the flash is and avoided using it as much as possible. The lighting was pretty perfect all day so I didn’t get a lot of chances to test this out but rest assured knowing I’m more than excited to start playing around with this newly discovered feature.

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