Sunday, January 2, 2011

the end is only the beginning

From a champagne filled New Years Eve to a glorious sunny day on Miami Beach on the first of the year, I must say that I ended 2010 on a high note and started 2011 on one as well.

We partied the night away at Quino's house before and after the ball drop, there's really nothing better than a good drink and good company. One of the highlights of my New Year's Eve was capturing these slow shutter speed shots of sparklers. I'd been dying to do this for ages so we took to the backyard, lighter and sparklers in hand, in an attempt to snap some shots of our names and some cool doodles. We had a bit of trouble getting the sparklers to light at first and catching the moments on time wasn't easy either but I still got some amazing shots. Here are some of my favorites
I definitely wont be waiting until the next firework-appropriate holiday (July is wayyy to far) to try this again!
As for 1/1/11, Quino and I borrowed my uncle's scooter and headed to South Beach. Its such a great way to get around that area, we were able to avoid most of the traffic and actually find a good parking spot (without having to pay so thats a plus too). It was way too cold to go for a swim but we spent the afternoon taking pictures and people watching over a shared oreo milkshake from Johnny Rockets (yummm)
{gorgeous day}
{me climbing a tree like a five year old}
{finishing off that delicious milkshake}
After walking around for a few hours we ended up grabbing lunch at The Place, a restaurant near 8th and Ocean. The food wasn't much to rave about, definitely not worth a whole blog entry, but I did fall in love with what I found at the bottom of my plate. Check this out!
...after. how cute is that? I want to get some of these plates!

All I can say is that I hope I'll enjoy this entire year as much as I've enjoyed these past few days. Wish me luck!

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