Thursday, March 17, 2011

la vida es un carnaval y es mas bello vivir cantando

It may be surprising for me to say considering I'm Cuban but I'd never been to the Calle Ocho festival before this past weekend. Well this year, I felt it my duty to spend an afternoon taking in this compilation of Cuban culture. 
Though I had expected it to be a big event, I definitely didn't think it would be 20 blocks long! Despite the distance, Quino and I walked the whole thing (fueled by too much Cuban food and some mojitos). Needless to say, we took a much needed nap after that but we definitely had a fantastic afternoon :)
Our walk may have taken longer than it should have because I stopped pretty often to take pictures, but I just can't help myself.
The Calle Ocho festival is a definite must see, especially for the food.
Since we can't do it all over again til next year though, I'll more than happily settle for some Havana Harry's or just a visit to grandmas.

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