Monday, April 18, 2011

fabulous food finds: spris

One of my main reasons for starting this blog was to post about all the fantastic restaurants I frequent and am constantly raving to my friends about. Despite my initial intentions, it's been a few months now and I've only made one restaurant post! Though I attribute that to the shyness I often feel for pulling my enormous D-SLR out in the middle of an upscale eatery, I refuse to let that be the reason I don't follow through.
Spris, a wonderful little Italian place (locations in Coral Gables and South Beach) is absolutely one of my go-to places for a good, cheap meal. Clarissa, Alyssa and I come here constantly to gossip, attempt to study and, of course, eat great food.
One of our favorite things about this place is that everything on the last page of their menu is priced based on the time you order during happy hour. That means, if we order at 5:13, we pay $5.13 for some of our favorite dishes. That's a deal that definitely can't be beat!
We've been here so many times that as our lovely waiter brings over our waters, he always knowingly asks "so, 3 penne alla vodkas and a pizza margarita?", to which we just nod and smile. Not only is the food cheap but it’s delicious too! Every bite reminds me of my trip to Italy (the Laura Pausini music they play and the fresh sunflower on every table help too). On my non-happy hour trips, the food is still fantastic. Their calzone and prociutto panini are among some of my favorites.
{I love how our waiter knows to just leave the bowl of parmesan on our table after sprinkling it over our pasta}
On our most recent visit, we ordered our usual. This time though, we ended our meal with a shared Nutellino that was out of this world! A calzone filled with melting Nutella, who could say no to that?

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