Saturday, April 23, 2011

the earth laughs in flowers

I think every girl has a love affair with flowers. They just have an inexplicable way of making you smile and brightening up your day, especially when they come from someone special. While I love the brightness sunflowers and the sweet smell of lilies, I simply obsessed with orchids. They're so elegant without being too fussy and perfectly accent any room. My favorite thing about them though, is their resilience.
The pink orchids Quino gave me for Valentine's Day (seen here) lasted well over a month, far longer than any bouquet of flowers ever would have. Though I'm so happy I got to enjoy waking up to those beauties every morning for a while, here's something that really amazes me.
I took this picture today of these stunning orchids Quino gave me for my birthday... 7 months ago! While the flowers did start to fall after a month or so back in October, my mom put the flowerless plant out in the yard and has been watering it weekly ever since. Lo and behold, these enormous flowers appeared last week and it seems like another is on the way!
Here's to spring and its bright, inspiring new beginnings!

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