Sunday, February 13, 2011

sweet surprises and tasty treats

I know Valentine's Day isn't until tomorrow but I just couldn't wait to post. I'm such a sucker for anything lovey-dovey that I've been listening to too many love songs and planning some cute surprises for my valentine all week.

Unfortunately for one of my favorite holidays, it landed on a Monday this year and I have an MKT exam the next day so not much celebrating will be going on the day of. On the bright side, my sweetie planned an adorable early surprise for me.

On the menu: a sensational home-cooked meal (one I didn't have to lift a finger for!) followed by a slice of my favorite dessert, the chocolate tower truffle cake from Cheesecake Factory (he knows me too well). My surprise even came complete with a box of chocolates and some gorgeous orchids.
Could I have asked for anything better? Don't think so...

As usual, I had to document it all in pictures so check these out!
 {the beautiful dinner table}
 {my valentine pouring me a delicious glass of white wine}
{the perfect dinner that looks like it might as well have come from a restaurant}
 {the greatest cake ON THE PLANET (it's so rich we had to finish the other half of this slice as a midnight snack) }
{and can't forget about the flowers...}

Hope you all have some sweetness coming your way tomorrow too <3

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