Saturday, February 5, 2011

unnecessary necessities

For those of you with a photography/camera obsession like me, Photojojo is the website for you! I currently have a wish list a mile long, from little trinkets to much more expensive ones. Here are some of the ones that are at the top of my list (even though I pretty much want everything on the website) Make sure to click the pictures for direct links to the site!
 {dslr shaped USB. ok, adorable!}
{the tokyo dreamer camera strap in baby blue to make my nikon an even cuter accessory when I wear it around my neck}
 {the cutest scrapbook kit i've ever seen}
{the gorilla pod, to make sure my camera can stand up anywhere and avoid the occasional shaky shots}
{and these's tres tres cute photo stickers}

As for those stickers, they're slowly climbing to the top of my list so I can jazz up all the pictures I take with this beautiful baby... which came in the mail this past week!

I've been dying for a polaroid camera FOREVER and can't wait to take mine out for a spin!
Expect to see a few of my snap shots up here soon :) 

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  1. I think you may have started an unnecessary obsession for me! I've loved photography since I was 15 and I'm sure this website will have me spending all of my money soon! It was nice to meet you yesterday...we ended up eating at Bagel Emporium so we didn't have to pay for parking, haha. Tchao