Thursday, April 26, 2012

summer beauty must-haves

With summer just around the corner, I like to keep my everyday makeup as simple and smudge-free as possible. I have an arsenal of beauty products in my makeup drawer already but have my eye on a few of these to update my routine a bit

Smashbox BB Cream: these creams are popping up everywhere! They combine the light coverage of a tinted moisturizer with primer and SPF to protect your skin.
Anastasia Eyebrow Fix: my brows tend to be unruly from time to time and this wax pencil makes sure they hold their shape, even in the hot summer sun
Naked 2 Palette: from simple to smoky, this eyeshadow palette is the perfect combination of colors for any everyday look.
YSL Radiant Touch: this under-eye concealer is the secret tool makeup artists use to give even the most tired eyes an instant pick-me-up
Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner: I've sampled my fair share of liners, but I hear this pen is perfect for the kind of smooth, thin line that I'm always after

What are your summer beauty must-haves?

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