Tuesday, July 5, 2011

kitchen daydreams

I miss cooking. I miss it so much it almost hurts. Mind you, I have been "cooking" these past few weeks in New York at least 4 times a week but still, I don't think it really counts. Limited by the fact that I only have a pot, a pan and a spatula I can't make much more than simple dishes like grilled chicken with green beans or some sort of 15 minute pasta.
The food is good, don't get me wrong, but I miss the excitement of trying a new recipe and really challenging myself. I also really miss my big, beautiful gas stove and endless array of kitchen gadgets.
On top of all that, it doesn't help that I'm like a moth to flame when it comes to the internet and food blogs. Reading them constantly, I can't help accumulating a ton of recipes I'm desperate to try. I took my addition for searching the net for food to Pinterest, one of my absolute favorite sites... ever... and made a pinboard for all my food lustings. Here's a look at my ever-expanding board of all things food (click here to see the full board):
Needless to say, I'll probably be spending my entire first week home in the kitchen concocting things. Dinner party, anyone? Until then, I’ll keep pinning so stay on the lookout! You can also check out the rest of my pins here . I have boards dedicated to everything from food and fashion to home decor and dream destinations

*Soon to Come: A sidebar featuring my favorite blogs (food and fashion related mostly). I'm always interested to see what my favorite bloggers are reading so hopefully you are too.

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