Tuesday, February 14, 2012

weekend wrap-up

While I spent most of my weekend relaxing and finishing up some Valentine's Day treats for my Valentine (look out for that post later on, he still hasn't gotten his gifts yet), I did get to go on a few adventures in between.
For Valentine's Day 2 years ago, Quino took me to Morikami Gardens. We spent a lovely day exploring these gorgeous Japanese gardens and I had the chance to go back there this weekend on a field trip for my Japanese art class. When I went last time, I didn't have my D-SLR so I was excited to snap some nicer shots this time.
Later that night, we took a trip down to Wynwood for Art Walk. While I love galleries, I was most excited about hitting up the food truck meet up that was happening there that night. I only got a few pictures in between bites of some out-of-this-world food
{toston sandwich from the Cuban Cube - this sandwich totally changed my world}
{I had every intention of photographing the delish cupcakes we picked up at Sugar Rush. Too bad we had already inhaled them by the time I remember to take a picture. Oh well... at least you know that's how good they were!}

With so many food truck in one place, it's just so hard to chose which culinary adventure to go on. I'm always looking for suggestions (that's how I discovered one of my other favorites, Ms. Cheesious) though. 
 What are YOUR favorite food trucks?  

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