Saturday, June 2, 2012

carry-on essentials

With all the traveling I've been doing lately, I've developed a pretty consistent formula for my carry-on must-haves. Though the flight over to New York yesterday was a short one, these things make a situation that can sometimes get stressful and exhausting just a bit easier.
*iPad: I was lucky enough to have wifi on this last flight so I spent it catching up on Magic City, my new favorite show. When there's no internet though, it makes light work of carrying an assortment of reading material for the flight.
*iPod: From Dave Matthews to Jay-Z, Alejandro Sanz to Adele, I have music for every mood.
*Makeup Bag: I keep mine stocked with things like concealer, a mirror and hand sanitizer (a definite essential for the airport because you touch things... a lot)
*Over-sized Pashmina: I picked this beauty up in Spain a few years back and it's great for when I get cold on planes because seriously, who likes airplane blankets? Ick.
*Eye Cover: Because I literally cannot sleep with light in my eyes. Ever.
*Enormous Bottle of Water: Gotta hydrate
*I also keep my phone an wallet handy, but those are always essentials.

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