Sunday, June 24, 2012

cupcake tour {week two} kumquat cupcakery and a visit to the smorgasburg

Sorry for the delay on this cupcake post but my poor computer had to spend the night at the Apple store this week. So sad, I know but thankfully it's back and all better. Now back to cupcakes.

Last weekend I ventured into Williamsburg for a visit to Smorgasburg, a food truck meets farmer's market kinda deal featuring over 100 vendors and far too much food to choose from. While I picked up some amazing barbeque, some delicious Serrano ham croquettas and a few other things, we're here to talk about cupcakes. Most importantly, finally getting my hands on a Maple Bacon Cupcake.
Yes, I said bacon. If you know me at all, you know it's one of my favorite things. I'll eat practically anything if it has bacon in it and a cupcake is no exception. This little treat was the perfect combination of sweet and savory, definitely my favorite cupcake from the bunch.
Kumquat Cupcakery doesn't currently have a store-front but this little maple bacon cupcake was well worth a trip to Williamsburg.
Here are some of the other amazing things I picked up. I'll definitely be back for another visit soon. There were so many other treats I was dying to try. We sat down to enjoy all of our finds at the park right around the corner.
{view of the city from the park next to Smorgasburg}


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