Monday, July 16, 2012

style envy: ashley madekwe

As if I wasn't already obsessed with Ashley Madekwe's style on Revenge, one of my favorite new shows this year, I was overjoyed when I discovered that she has her own style blog.
Her looks are impeccably chic but surprisingly accessible. I love the way she mixes patterns and textures. She also combines classics with trendy pieces flawlessly. Her looks have definitely given me a ton of inspiration for my own wardrobe.

You can find more of Ashley's amazing looks over at her blog, Ring My Bell.

Who are your style icons right now?


  1. She does have great style! I will be checking her blog out now! Have a great day, and come visit when you get a chance! I have a new post and would love your thoughts! xx Pip

  2. I just recently discovered her blog and can I tell you I was overjoyed!
    lovely blog doll!

    Xoxo Lil

  3. Her style is amazing! Outfits on the 2,5 and 6 picture are the best!! ♥ Love it!

  4. Love her style!

  5. Нравится ваш блог безумно!