Wednesday, November 7, 2012

wanted: mind the GAP

Now that I live in a place with real seasons, I've become fascinated with the idea of dressing for the occassion. Sure, I probably owned more pairs of boots than any Miamian should before I even moved to New York but when it comes to sweaters and outerwear, my wardrobe is a bit lacking.

You can check out some of my fall and winter outfit inspirations on this pinboard but I must say, I took a peek at the GAP look book the other day and would love to add virtually every one of these outfits to my wardrobe. I love the idea of basics paired with a bright pop of color to really liven things up, especially when it's dark and dreary outside. 

I love all of these looks but the striped sweater dress, red vest and coral-colored skinnys are at the top of my list!

What are your favorite fall/winter pieces this year?

Shop the looks here:


  1. I love the gap! I recently posted with so many clothes from there. Cute blog, would love your thoughts on my latest post!
    xo Dina
    Sweetest Somethings 

  2. Gap is my go-to for basics and classic staples. They always get it right!

    The Glossy Life