Wednesday, November 28, 2012

wanted: cold weather cool

After a nice long holiday weekend in Miami, I arrived back to New York on Monday night to a rude awakening of cold, gloomy weather. Clearly I'm not in South Florida, anymore.

I've gotten some great stuff over the past few weeks (mostly sweaters like this one and this one) but my outerwear selection is still kind of slim. As soon as I saw the outwear sale over at J.Crew though, I knew I'd be picking something up. I've had my eye on this vest for weeks so it's already in my cart but these coats are also shooting to the top of my list.

 {love the print on this light puffer vest}
 {perfect pop of color in a classic-cut coat}
{a subdued color brought to life with a unique shape}

What are your cold weather must-haves?

1 comment:

  1. I love outerwear but I live in Puerto Rico (which is warmer than South Florida) and outerwear is not needed. I hope I can visit the US during the Fall and early Winter to experience the chilly weather and perhaps some snow too.
    Take care :)