Friday, January 4, 2013

13 in 2013

While some may find the number taboo or seem to bring bad luck, 13 is my lucky number and I'm hoping this year is a lucky one too.

Only 4 days into 2013 and I've spent time with loved ones, scored an amazing deal on new winter coat and gotten a free upgrade to first class on my flight back to New York. Seems this year is already off to a fantastic start!

Looking back on 2012 and last year's list, I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished. I may not have posted on my blog every week or even worked out every week for that matter but I graduated college, started my dream job and took one hell of a leap of faith (moved to New York City, after all). I also learned to relax a little more, I read some amazing books (I'm working on Tom Wolfe's "Back to Blood" now) and have been cooking up a storm of new recipes.

In this new year, I want to keep things simple. Sure, my resolutions include ways to improve myself but  I also want them to serve as reminders to take time to enjoy life more.
  1. Do New York - I moved to this city for a reason but feel like I haven't exactly been taking advantage of all it has to offer.
  2. Adopt a Kitten - I've been dying to get one for months and I think January will finally be the month I cave.
  3. Throw a Spectacular Dinner Party
  4. Take Care of a Plant - Despite my multitude of domestic skills, I can't seem to keep a plant alive for more than a month.
  5. Experiment More with Clothes and Beauty - I'm constantly pinning outfit ideas, hair styles and makeup tricks but usually stick to my tried and true favorites. 
  6. Try New Foods
  7. Take More Pictures - No, not with my iPhone, with my DSLR. I've been neglecting it lately.
  8. Wear More Heels - It's not like I dont have a ton but since commuting in New York requires quite a bit of walking, I opt for flats more often than not.
  9. Plan a Few Weekend Getaways - Boston, Chicago and DC are on my short list
  10. Catch Up with Old Friends and Make New Ones
  11. Send Some Snail Mail - There are few things as simple and satisfying as getting a nice card in the mail. This year, I want to send a few.
  12. Less is More - My wardrobe is constantly evolving. I know I won't stop shopping completely so this year, I've decided to focus on spending my money on quality pieces I can't live without.
  13. Find a Workout Schedule I Can Stick To - With my unpredictable work schedule, it seems like morning workouts are going to be a must. Hello, 6am.

What are you looking forward to doing in 2013?


  1. I might have to steal some of these for my own list...

  2. That's an awesome start of the year! Hoping for more for the rest of the year. Great list you've got there. :)