Sunday, May 8, 2011

shake it like a. . .

I bought my Fuji Instax Polaroid over 2 months ago and had shamefully not used it until a few weeks ago. Awful, I know but between the camera’s bulky build and the obscenely overpriced film, I’d been really hesitant to break it in. I would have posted sooner but I was waiting to get these lovely stickers in the mail from PhotoJoJo to liven these pictures up a bit. They make such adorable additions, I couldn’t resist getting them! 
Well, this outing to the park with Quino and his dog, Ginger seemed like the perfect occasion to snap some sweet shots so I took it out for a spin. Though the park is just down the block from his house, Ginger was already exhausted by the time we got there (attribute it to old age and too many stolen snacks) so she went straight for the fountain. 
Instances like this one are among the many reasons you should never put your mouth on a water fountain. This picture is priceless though.
We followed that up by some childish swinging and an affectionate moment at the bottom of the slide. 
On our way out, Quino spotted this shopping cart. Naturally, he felt the need to put the dog in it (I’ll never understand the way boys think). We tried to take Ginger home it, she was worn out from all the running around after all, but she wasn't the biggest fan of the bumpy ride once we hit the pavement so we let her out.
All in all, it was quite the successful afternoon :)

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  1. (naturally I'll never understand what boys think) the best quote, by far