Wednesday, May 23, 2012

wanted: swanky sandals

I've practically been living in a pair of Michael Kors sandals for years now. They're simple but stylish and as sad as I am to let them go, they're a bit beyond repair at this point. Since I couldn't find the same pair anywhere I've been searching for the perfect replacement. I need a pair that can go from work to errand-running seamlessly and here are the options I've found that meet all of my criteria.
Which pair is your favorite? Leave a comment and cast your vote!
{Vince Camuto "Malinda" $69}
 {Sam Edelman "Sophie" $119}
{DV by Dolce Vita "Archer" $69}


  1. I LOVE the Sam Edelmans! They're perfection, and could easily transition from work to play. Check out the RZ sandals I pinned too. I think you might like those.

    1. If you're talking about the Rachel Zoe sandals that look like a flat version of the Sam Edelmans, I know exactly which ones they are and I'm obsessed! Unfortunately, they run around $250 so they're out of the running :(

  2. THOSE (MK) r the ones w/ ur footprint on them =) they look sooo real (like u bought them w/ the footprint=)
    I like the first ones bcuz of the beautiful black/gold bow!!! the second one is also nice ( and if i know u) u wld want the heel!!! but both get my vote =)